Prices & Rules

£8 per day £1 for an extra rod

£23 for a 24hr period

1 fish 8hr catch and release =£20
2 fish 8hr catch and release=£25
3 fish 8hr catch and release=£30


The management reserve the right to change prices and rules when required.


 GENERAL RULES (See additional rules for trout, coarse and night fishing)

With over 20 years of running a fishery the rules are in place to protect the fishery, staff, health & safety, keep the fish in a healthy environment  with the main aim of providing a good sporting facility for the anglers. You have a duty of care to others around you and to yourselves.
All anglers/customers to onny vale must read and to have fully understood the rules before fishing. (The management reserve the right to change or adjust the rules at anytime)

Opening Times – 7.15 to dusk
When the gates are locked the fishery is closed. Anyone climbing over the gates or fences will be challenged. There are no excuses, the owners and management will not tolerate it.

Anybody who is not fishing on the  day is not allowed to walk around the pools or property without getting permission first. They will have to wait by the lodge to get permission from the owners/ staff.

All persons at the fishery/caravan site are there entirely at their own risk and the owners/management take no responsibility for any accident, injury, loss, damage or theft of their property or person.

All anglers must posses a valid NRA licence.

All children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. No children will be allowed on the fishery unaccompanied.

Any young person can be asked for proof of age.

Dogs or pets are not allowed on the fishery, not even in your vehicles, so to avoid disappointment  do not bring them

WARNING anyone removing or introducing fish at onny vale is breaking the law.

Anybody who is threatening or disrespectful to members of staff or customers at onny vale will be asked to leave immediately .

No wading, swimming or boats allowed

No music, no fires, no drugs,no guns, no swearing,no excess alcohol

No littering, please take home your rubbish and make sure your fishing area is left clean and tidy.

No surplus bait is to be left on the bank or thrown in the pools


FLY FISHING RULES(To be read with the fishery general rules)

  • If a trout is deep hooked or stressed after your bag limit the fish must be dispatched and paid for.
  • All brown trout must be returned.
  • No float fishing, worming, bait or spinning allowed.
  • No rod sharing.
  • No booby flys or pellet imitations to be used.
  • Do not feed any food or pellets to the trout.
  • No tandem or treble hooks to be used.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • All fish are to be de- hooked in the net or the water. Do not use a cloth or towel to hold the fish.
  • All handling of the fish must be kept to a minimum,the fish must be safely returned to the water.
  • No catching fish for other anglers.
  • Bank fishing only, no wading or boats allowed.
  • Management reserve the right to inspect tackle and bags

COARSE FISHING RULES (These are to be read and understood with the general rules)

  • No keep nets to be used (The fishery has its own keep nets for test sessions)
  • All landing nets are to be dipped before commencing fishing.
  • Landing nets must be used all the time to land all fish regardless of size.
  • Barbless hooks only(random checks of hooks will be done).
  • All fish must be treated and handled correctly, no towels or any kind of cloths to be used to hold the fish. Unhooking mats must be used for the carp. Any weighing, measuring and photographs must be done with care and efficiently for the fishes welfare. The fish should be inspected for any injuries and treated with an appropriate carp care kit.
  • No live bait or spinning allowed.
  • No tiger nuts, nuts or nut based products to be used.
  • All bait is to be used in moderation, do not over feed the swim.
  • No fishing between the pegs, ask the anglers nearest to you where they are baited up, do not cast in other anglers swims.
  • No rod sharing.
  • No visitors to the pools( get permission first).
  • No vehicles are to be driven onto the pools, do not park your vehicles at the entrance to the pools, no trailers allowed on the pools. You may drop your equipment at the entrance the park your car in the car park or on the grass verge by the brook( providing the ground is firm).
  • All litter, tins, surplus bait is to be cleaned up and take it home with you. Your peg must be left as you found it. Do not throw surplus bait on the bank or in the pool.
  • No braided lines.
  • No bait boats

NIGHT FISHING RULES ( to be read with the general and coarse fishing rules)

  • All night fishing must be booked in advance. If you turn up without booking you will not be allowed to fish.
  • Anyone who wants to night fish can only do so knowing that for security reasons the main gates are locked at dusk till 7.15am.
  • Nobody is allowed on or off the property when the gates are locked, no visitors are allowed, anyone climbing over the gates or fences when the fishery is locked, will be challenged and banned from the fishery.
  • There is no other pools you are allowed to fish on except the specimen pool. No walking around the other pools or the property through the night.
  • The gates to the coarse pools are to be kept closed after entering/ exiting the pool.
  • No sacking under any circumstances.
  • All litter, tins etc to be cleaned up and taken home with you. No surplus baits to be left on the bank or thrown in the pool.

Contact Details  -  01588 650521  -  07792 609153